Phan Thiet is about 198 km North-East from the Ho Chi Minh City and is located by the National Highway 1. Mui Ne is about 22 km North-East from the center of Phan Thiet city, and is the name of a famous headland, where white beach lies and the sky is always high. Mui Ne is connected with the city by the road Nguyen Dinh Chieu, which considered a key route for the tourist of Binh Thuan province.

Phan Thiet has quite a few attractions, from the massive endless sand dunes to the busy local market with many special local products. The list of attractions to be check out is as below, listing from the direction of Ho Chi Minh towards Mui Ne:

Mui Ne is famous for its beautiful sandy beach, massive white sand dunes, and its friendly people. Spend time relaxing at the beach under the tropical sun and cooling water, but don’t forget to visit these attracting sights such as the White Sand Dunes, Bau Sen lake, or the Fairy Stream…


Watersport is also a popular activities here, thanks for its strong winds and nice weather all year round. Phan Thiet cuisine is something you can’t miss. One-sun dried squid is a popular dish you must try. Fish sauce is the most famous product of Phan Thiet.

  1. The villa of Mong Cam, one of the lovers of Vietnam’s famous poet Han Mac Tu
  2. Ca Ty River and Phan Thiet water tower
  3. Van Thuy Tu
  4. Duc Thanh school
  5. Phan Thiet Market
  6. Cham Tower – Tower Poshanu
  7. Ong Dia rock beach
  8. Fairy Stream
  9. Mui Ne Sand Hill
  10. Hon Rom
  11. Bau Sen lake